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Custom Logo with Unlimited Revisions

Multiple Concepts

Unlimited Revisions

Vision-Based Concept Development for Custom Logo

The logo of your company must be beautiful and exclusive. It’s nothing but your company elaborated with the help of design. The customers really need to recognise your principles and purposes immediately from the very first time they take a look at your logo.

You may want to know what it takes to design a logo efficiently in order to be able to differentiate between good and bad logo design. However, you’ll surely be encouraged by this insight into the process, even if you have chosen to design your own logo or employ someone else to perform this task.

The complete process of logo design involves the following steps.

  • Consultation and Strategy Session

Almost all the designers believe that one of the most crucial steps in the process is to gather all the input data from the customer that is required for the design. In the case of the custom logo design process, you just need to interact with your clients in order to understand their business and intent before the start of design work. Many businesses recognize their differentiators, but the emotional motivators that motivate their clients are lacking.

  • Research about the Design

Knowing your clients and how to create the logo for them is critical. For this purpose, you need to spend a few moments researching the audience and their priorities for the design. Furthermore, it is important to consider what is going on in the particular industry of the client. You may want to do the same or something different, but before doing so, you really need to know what the template is.

  • Sketching

Since the graphic designers spend a lot of time on their digital devices such as computers and laptops, they really feel like this stage is important. Sketching on a paper gives you a bit more freedom that is really important for innovation. Get all these sketches out, even though you know they’re unusable. A “stupid idea” several times, can be the preliminary step to something fantastic. You can draw very easily and loosely. You’ll fire 100 loose ideas instead of winding up with 10 polished sketches.

  • Digital Refinement

When you feel like all potential ideas have been exhausted, just go back out there to the roughly drawn sketches and choose a few of them to bring into your device. The method of doing this further develops the designs. The designed logo never looks exactly like the sketch at the end. In addition, add a few colors during this step as well as after first satisfying yourself with a black and white version.

  • Creative Presentation

The final logos are often preferred to be viewed in person. This offers you the chance to illustrate your revolutionary thinking and helps the consumer to give an honest feedback. After that, let the customer take with him/her all the designs to study on their own and welcome any suggestion they may have.


  • Logo Tweaks

Based on the client’s response, the chosen logo may need some final modifications. If you plan to change any kind of typeface, make sure that the target audience is still drawn to it and aligned with the look you were looking for.

That’s It!

One of the most satisfying feelings as a graphic designer is to see a logo come to life.