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If you’re thinking of combining a text with an image, you may consider it as one of the most fundamental components of logo design. However, it may seem to be a simple design solution to incorporate a tagline with a nice picture, it is more difficult to do it in a perfect manner than you would expect.

Let’s take a look at some of the techniques that can be applied to any kind of logo design.

  • Consider the Composition

A design can be made or broken by the positioning and structure of your text with reference to your image. Your template will not be as functional or visually pleasing if the given text is too short, the background too diverting, or something else susceptible to readability.

As far as the composition of the image is concerned, you’re going to take a picture on your own or find one to use in your template, you’ll surely want to ensure that it leaves enough space to put your text. This magazine cover, for instance, features a vertically focused landscape picture featuring plenty of sky. Nature images with wide areas of sky or water also produce perfect text backgrounds, creating an uncluttered space that enables your text to shine.


In a fine typeface, you may have an appealing picture and an effective text, but the result cannot catch that much attention or get your desired results. Aligning the text so that it blends with a form displayed in the image is one of the ways to create a composition where both the image and the text accompany each other.

  • Establish a Focal Point

A focal point is considered to be one of the most important elements of a good composition that attracts the eye and plays the role of a starting point in order for the users to navigate the design. In the sense of a layout that includes only imagery and text, it may be included in any of the kinds.


This style makes the picture of a holiday destination the obvious focus of attention. The picture has the most visual weight due to its size and meaning. You would never desire for the remaining part of this design to vanish either though. Combined with the lines written, the shapes already present in the picture assists in drawing your special attention back to the given text, where a bright blue pop forces you to focus there.

  • Achieve Balance

Balance becomes particularly important for a simplistic design that simply involves text and a picture, like some of the books or magazine covers. It is obvious that the more nominal the design, the more dazzling any bad layout choices would be.


The company’s name is equally balanced by the picture under it on the packaging given above. They are both approximately equal in size and related by their common color. The picture itself gives room for more text which gives a smooth touch.


Other Factors to Consider

If you choose the image wisely, create a proper background for the given text or enhance the visibility with color and contrast, you may be able to combine the text and image in an efficient way.